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Srdjan (Gino) Jevdjevich

Srđan (Gino) Jevđević became a professional musician at the age of 16, first playing drums in the teen pop band Zov, then Mali Princ, Valentino, and Gari Garinča.

He worked in different capacities as playwright, composer and performer at Chamber Theater 55 (Sarajevo, Bosnia), Croatian National Theater (Split, Croatia), National Theater of Bosnia and Herzegovina and others.

He founded Gino Banana in 1984 and recorded 3 albums from 1986 through 1991.

He graduated from the School of Law at University of Sarajevo, but never practiced law.

Right before the war in Sarajevo he wrote a song with Amir Bešo called Yutel Za Mir (Yugoslavian Television For Peace), which was performed by a variety well-known musicians who believed that the power of song could stop the war.

Jevđević stayed in Sarajevo during the war, and rewrote the musical Hair, entitled “Hair Sarajevo A.D 1992”. The show was performed almost every day throughout 3 years of the war in Sarajevo.

In 1995 Jevđević moved to Seattle, Washington, US where he joined Seattle’s theater and music community. He co-wrote the play “Sarajevo Behind God’s Back” in collaboration with Amir Bešo. Review by The Seattle Times

In 1996 he founded musical group Kultur Shock, an international politically engaged project made by musicians of various ethnic origins from all around the world, creating an original eclectic music style made of traditional Balkan music Punk and Metal. The group has performed more than 1500 concerts during more than 50 European Union and World tours. Kultur Shock’s music has been featured in motion pictures and in theaters. Kultur Shock has released 11 albums on their own record label and in collaboration with producer Billy Gould, bassist from Faith No More. Kultur Shock has produced dozens of music videos.

Jevđević has worked as guest instructor in the Theater Department at Cornish College of Arts (Seattle) from 1997-present. He has held the post of Music Director for Freehold Theater in Seattle since 2001. Since 2001 he has also composed music for the University of Washington in Seattle.

In 2009 he initiated “Instinct”, a performance art and film project including actors with developmental disabilities. “Instinct” was co-produced by Sound Health and their Community Networks Program, promoting inclusion and bringing art and theater therapy to the developmentally disabled community, as well as collaborating with King County Sheriff's Office to produce training videos, featuring developmentally disabled actors.

In 2016 he began work on 'THE LIGHT', an opera about Nikola Tesla in collaboration with director Wilson Milam and musician Amy Denio. It describes the eternal feud over Humanity between Prometheus and Zeus, through the life of Nikola Tesla. The first act premiered at On The Boards in Seattle in 2017. The work is still in progress.

Mother: Desanka Jevđević, born on December 30th 1934 lawyer/ judge/ attorney general, retired in 1992 Father: Siniša Jevđević, 1930-1962, professor, School of Law, University of Sarajevo.

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