About the Event


When: Saturday, October 19 2013 at 7:30 PM
Where: Broadway Performance Hall, 1625 Broadway Seattle, WA 98122



  • Srdjan Gino Yevdjevich - vocals
  • Amir Beso - guitar
  • Mario Butkovic - guitar
  • Selmah Kapidzic - vocals, acc. by Adnan Kapidzic - guitar
  • VAM Performance, Jr. Company
    • Veronica Mendonca - Artistic Director/Choreographer
    • Mark Mendonca


About Sevdah

The word "sevdah" is understandable all over the Balkans. In Bosnia and Herzegovina it is used to describe the musical genre of love songs specific for the country a captivating amalgamate of Near Eastern, Mediterranean, and Slavic sound imbued with refined Slavic lyricism. To the Western audience, it's often introduced as the Balkan blues, and the equivalent of the Portuguese fado or Spanish flamenco. All of these musical genres are actually related bearing roots in Arabic courtly love songs from a millennium ago. On this same note, the eternal ambassadors of music, the Roma (Gypsy) musicians should be mentioned. Roma musicians were the midwives that helped deliver all of the four sisters. These caravan musicians spread many fine tunes all over the Balkan peninsula and elsewhere and gave their own contribution to the music of this extremely colorful part of the world.


This event is sponsored by Sevdah North America and made possible in part by generous support from 4Culture and Seattle Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs, in partnership with Northwest Folklife and Ethnic Heritage Council.